Rahma Collins Bio

Yoga Instructor

Rahma Collins began practicing yoga when she was 8 years old and has seen how the practice can transform people's lives, bodies, and spirits. Certified at the 200-hr level through Spira Yoga and Wellness, her classes have an emphasis in strength and heat as a way to move old energy and cultivate new body awareness and strength, as well as deep stillness and fortitude. Rahma sees yoga as training for the mind, body, and spirit to thrive out in the world, off the mat. We come to our yoga mat to learn how to breathe and move our bodies in a mindful way, which is a yoga that we can practice all day long. Rahma's classes balance strength building with deep inner work woven throughout - how still and stable can you become in a difficult pose? Can you feel true love for your body even if you'd prefer to be able to fold a little deeper? How can you take this with you out into your day? In what ways can you honor your body?
With classes that are fun, light and accessible, paired with groovy tunes and aromatherapy oils, Rahma is happy to share the practice!