Therapy & Energy Healing Services:

‘Ohana Health partners with our Community’s health care providers and professionals to bring you the best holistic treatments available in conjunction with your doctors.

Some Therapeutic Massage modalities include : Swedish, Deep Tissue,
Reflexology, Reiki, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-Education, Cranio-
Sacral Therapy, Pre-Natal, Warm Stone Massage.Read More

This 5,000 year oldpractice of postures, breathing exercises, and meditation creates a healthier in body, mindand spirit. Reduce stress, improve your posture, gain flexibility, sleep better, boost immunity, and strengthen your vital organs with a regular yoga practice!Read More

AcupunctureAt 'Ohana Health Community Acupuncture, patients remain fully clothed in comfortable lounge chairs or massage tables in our quiet, soothing community room. Getting acupuncture this way has many benefits beyond being more affordable. -Read More
'Ohana Health offers a Community Acupuncture Clinic *Every* Wednesday, 1 - 5 PM. Treatments are simple and repeated frequently for best results. Sliding Scale of $20-$40. Pay what you can, No Questions Asked. -Read More
  • Learn to give the gift of massage to family members, siblingsand loved ones.
  • Learn to become a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki Training in Levels 1, Reiki Level 2, and Reiki Masters Attunement and Training as well. Call for more info.

Reiki -

Energy is Medicine, our physical bodies are composed of multiple layers of energy. When our bodies become in a state of dis-harmony, or dis-ease, it is because we have had a loss of our physical, personal energy from our own energy field.
When this happens we must replenish the energy that has been lost, due to stress, giving our energy away, or energy being taken by another. Reiki replaces this energy lost, and is a highly recommended, time testedpowerful healing practice. Good for any and everyone. -Read More

Reiki Community Clinic- Group Reiki is offered every Saturday from Noon til 2pm. Practitioners volunteer their time and energy to help heal the community one person at a time. The Reiki energy is exponentially more powerful with multiple practitioners treating you. These are mini treatments which last approximately 15 minutes. Clothes-on on a massage table or in a recliner if warranted. - Recommended Donation $10 - $20. Pay what you can, no questions asked.

Reiki for Practitioners begins at 11 a.m. Reiki Practitioners will give and receive to one another prior to the group session.

Bio-Chromatic IntegratorOur Bio-Chromatic Integrator is one of twenty-two in the world. It was developed by Tommie Mercer exclusively for 'Ohana Health using sands, and minerals from around the world. It is sewn in geometric patterns creating bio-circuitry developed through his understanding of hyper-science (the use of vibrational tools for auric, energy healing). This tool has been designed and created to be of maximum effectiveness for Paradise. Tommie is a professional energy dowser, master goldsmith, and natural clairesentient. Tommie combined the research of dozens of past energy masters, and, with intuitive guidance, has created the Integration Pads and Regeneration Pads, to enhance the individual quality of life and consciousness of humanity and the planet. -Treatments last approx. 30 minutesRead More


***We at 'Ohana Health Understand the need for treatment and lack of funding to pay for treatments.
Ask about our "Pay It Forward Fund" started by Sue Kendrick, to provide funds for any treatment.***